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2022 Midyear Investment Outlook:

Morgan Stanley’s studies recommend cutting risk, with equal weight across assets. For upside, look to Japan, energy, Munis, and mortgage-backed securities.  This is the predicament

Musical Knowledge

What kind of music should I listen to?

Human beings are filled with emotion and sentiment. In everyday life, they pass through different kinds of experiences. Sometimes he gets a positive experience while


Although cryptocurrency is a relatively new phenomenon, it is already being used for transactions. It has many uses and isn’t tied to any country, which

Crypto Asset:

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency. It can be traded in various ways, and its value depends on its issuance and its secondary

Crypto IRA:

A Crypto IRA is a retirement account that holds digital assets. This type of account is not unlike a traditional IRA. In this case, you

Online Teaching Vs. Time-Honored Teaching

Teaching professions bring in thousands of prospects each year as the demand for more qualified teachers arises. There is constant pressure in the online education

Freelancing – Paving Your Way to Success

Looking forward to succeed in your area of expertise! Freelancing provides the opportunity to earn some extra income or even earn a decent livelihood. Worried

Impact of CD on the music business

The music industry was born more than one century ago, just when the advances of technology allowed men to record, store play, and reproduce sounds.

Autotune 411

Most people in this generation are familiar with autotune and what its use is for. But for those ones who haven’t get the scoop yet,

6 Latin female artists you should know

6. Lila Downs. With fifteen years of experience, the singer, songwriter, and producer; one of the most influential artists of a new sound with folk

Is shred guitar still a thing?

The term ‘shred’ is related to the virtuous execution of instruments which requires a high level of technique and complexity. This term has also been

Sufi music in Bollywood

Bollywood has one of the most productive film industries in the world, with more than 1000 productions per year, surpassing the American cinema. It had


‘Synthpop’ is a musical form that comes from various ramified types of genres such as pop music, and electronic music which is performed through the

Pseudoscience of Music Played Backwards

A pseudoscience is a discipline, determined by a set of practices; beliefs, knowledge and non-scientific methodologies, that claims that character. Some examples are: astrology, homeopathy,

William Martin Joel (Billy Joel)

William Martin Joel, AKA “Billy Joel” was born in the Bronx in May 9th of the year 1949. He’s a singer, songwriter and also a

What on earth is Musicology

If you’re reading this you’ll surely stop and ask yourself: does music also implies science? Does music also cover the field of research? The answer

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