Musical Knowledge

What kind of music should I listen to?

Human beings are filled with emotion and sentiment. In everyday life, they pass through different kinds of experiences. Sometimes he gets a positive experience while other times he becomes sad by experiencing bad things. Music is the representation of our emotions and mental state. We usually prefer to hear sad songs when we become upset, while in our happy times we prefer to hear good and positive songs. But due to the wide variety of music available in the market, we can not choose among them.  

Most of the time we become hopeless in our life, and we feel that things have been over for us. In order to feel good again and positive it is suggested that you should listen to a motivational song. Below I have listed some famous motivational music from Justin Bieber and other famous artist. 

  • Lose your self by Eminem 
  • Not Afraid by Eminem 
  • Somewhere over the Rainbow  
  • Believer 
  • Imagine by John Lenin 

The second list which I have provided below is of the songs when you feel happy. By listening to this collection, your happiness will increase by double. 

  • What a wonderful world  
  • Here comes the sun 
  • Let’s Go crazy  
  • Good as hell. 
  • I gotta felling 
  • Happy  

The third list which I have provided below is for those folks who unfortunately suffering from a relationship break-up.

  • Don’t speak  
  • Irreplaceable 
  • I will survive  
  • Somebody that I used to know  
  • I will always love you 
  • Call out my name 
  • I miss you 
  • Its too late  

Songs are our good friends. It helps us to feel the way we want to feel. It relaxes us and gives us some relief. Sometimes one good song can turn up your whole mode. Also, sometimes when we feel nostalgic then by listening to sad music has just another level of happiness. However, one should not addict his /  her self to music. Because too much music is also not good for our psychological growth.

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