Online Teaching Vs. Time-Honored Teaching

Teaching professions bring in thousands of prospects each year as the demand for more qualified teachers arises. There is constant pressure in the online education teaching programs to come up with innovative ways to create top-notch online educators.

There are many professionals in the online teaching field that will praise the interaction of the students among their virtual classrooms. Knowing the students at a level that far surpasses the skin is an interaction that is rarely seen in the conventional classroom. Opening up a virtual door for less intimidation by other students and eliminates peer pressure of any degree. The atmosphere of online teaching allows for students as well as instructors to feel at ease and comfortable. Worrying that a fellow classmate will think your comment or question is stupid can often sway intelligent students from participating in active discussions. Not only does online teaching remove that aspect, it invites more interaction and participation.

The virtual classroom is most often set up in a way that closely mimics a physical classroom. The students and instructors can conduct asynchronous conversations that simulate the feel of a real classroom setting. An online teaching instructor is faced with the challenge of creating suitable surroundings to maximize an online group-learning environment. Online teaching has to present itself in a way to the students that are appropriate to breed a sense of community. The technology presented to do such a thing is readily available today such as team building activities, tasks and forums. It really paints the picture perfect scene. However, there are a few drawbacks to advancement of experience through education taken from online teaching.

There tends to be a high level of frustration for students enrolled who are instructed by online teaching. One of the most frustrating issues presented by students on an ongoing basis is the technical factor. Not every online student is a computer genius and therefore experiences periods when solid technical support is required and not available

The other factor that is typically debated with online teaching is that pertaining to the immediate feedback that isn’t present in a virtual classroom. Some online teaching instructors tend to be vague and without the ability to clarify immediately, some students tend to get lost in the shuffle. As well, online teaching professionals are solely responsible for being able to motivate his or her students in an atmosphere can isn’t animated. This task takes some online teaching finesse and originality and just as some students aren’t cut out for online education, Online teachers are required to think out of the box to promote an encouraging learning atmosphere whether in a classroom or in an online classroom.

It is important to keep in mind that while online teaching is very convenient and could even become the way of the future there are many similarities. Any teaching professional must entice students to want to learn and make it interesting.

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