Hard out there for upcoming artists

Making a living out music is a dream of many, but very few achieve it, it has always been known that it requires great effort, work, and discipline. There is a myriad of odds along the way and with advances in media and technology sometimes it’s a little difficult to keep track.

Among the most repeated difficulties is always the lack of funds to record the demos (Yeah, demos, don’t even think of a full-length album, this is ten times more expensive), getting presentations and charge for them. Self-management has made the upcoming artists learn everything that’s necessary to be their own managers, producers, and promoters to achieve their goals.

Even being a virtuoso musician, a great instrumental performer or an incredible singer, is just not enough, there are always drawbacks because of the fact that not everything depends on you, but on how people respond to your proposal and this is where it gets tough.

Assuming you record a few songs of your own and you want them to start rotating on the radio you’ll have to tour all the possible radio stations, from the smallest to the largest to see who can give your project a try, and if you are lucky these people can start pulling strings and make your song sound at other stations. But if it happens that your name is not big or at least recognized, the chances of success are close to being practically nil.

Making performances in bars and cafés is a viable option as long as there are convenient payment arrangements for both the local administration and the artist, and many locals hide under the pretext of having a large clientele and that’s a “big exposure for you” and they pretend they are doing you a favor. Getting a good deal is always hard, but if you’re good at negotiating you might take some advantages from this and who knows? You could be lucky enough to be discovered by a talent hunter.

Nowadays with the expansion of the networks and the media upcoming artists have been a Little more astute and have known how to take full advantage of these advances. Many have managed to do through platforms like YouTube, investing a minimum amount of money and effort, but investing more time and dedication. The videos cover the has worked very well for many of them and have achieved great popularity and also huge jumps to fame (Justin Bieber, does a bell ring?).

Also, social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and vine have also served as a springboard for many to become public figures and they have collaborated to a large extent with projects and endeavors (whether they are about music or not). They have become total or moderate successes.

To be short, even though it may be difficult to be an upcoming artist, there are always viable options to get out there, but the key to your success will be your raw discipline and constancy. Don’t stop dreaming.

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