Blessed is the, who giveth to the Levite, the sojourner, the fatherless and the widow, so that they may eat within your towns and be filled. This word never lies, and neither has it failed from the beginning of time.

Let’s take some minutes to flashback on whoever has ever given freely. maybe, give to the needy, give back to your old middle school or high school, give back to your place of worship or give back to your parents.

There is an open door that tends to open freely to anyone who has given freely. no matter who you are, size, status, position, or circumstances in your present life. Constant giving opens an exponential breakthrough door that is undeniable, unstoppable, and unquestionable.

Constant giving opens an exponential breakthrough door that is undeniable, unstoppable, and unquestionable.

You can never give and be in lack or in wants. We see given as a blessed drug, the more you give, the better and more bountiful you get for the rest of your life.

The Great Important of Charity

Charity is very important because there exist people who cannot afford and cannot fulfill their basic needs like education, quality of life, and food.

Charity is one of the biggest blessings to humanity. With the help of our donor and their volunteer, we can fulfill the basic needs of the children who are in need, and single parents who want to build a better life beyond their current circumstances.

Willinggivers Charity Organization.


We pursue programs that target two main areas less fortunate children and single mothers and their well-been. Here is a breakdown of the programs and what they do.


There is no place like home and for those children that don’t have one, our sole goal and purpose is to provide basic needs for them, children are the future they are the reason for tomorrow and their future is in your hands “it takes a village to raise a child “together we can and will save the future of tomorrow.


Nothing is more precious than a mother’s love for their child. We know we are in hard times and there are a lot of single mothers out there that just need a little assistance. This is where our organization comes in; we have a program specially designed for single mothers where we help them by proving financial assistance and aid. There are also volunteers assigned to them to help with their well-been.

There are three types of participants in the Willinggivers organization

 Volunteers

 Donators

 partners

WHY DO GIVERS NEVER LACK: “Givers never lack”, this quotation is true that a giver never lacks. Those who will donate to charity would be rewarded, this is a fact and tested.

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

Procedure for Donation In Willinggivers

Together we can provide a better life for all children.

The foundation and its volunteers are rallying the support of the local and international communities to assist in the developmental efforts of the less fortunate children single mothers and economically disadvantaged communities.

Go to the Willinggiver website, open the donate section, and you would see a different donation section. You can donate to education, food, and shelters as well. If you haven’t a sufficient amount to donate, then you can donate your time as well.

Everything Matters.

A single penny matters. Donate today, you would be rewarded tomorrow. Helping others will feel good. Whenever you donate to a charity, you will feel relaxed. In this world, every community consists of needy people, and to provide quality life, different charity organizations are working to fulfill their needs. Willinggivers are one of them, you should seek out and donate to willinggivers charity organizations to help others.

The private partnership can email or request our private banking information.

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